Mister Cash

Available in: Belgium

Mister Cash is a closed loop debit card service available in Belgium. It allows you to make real time card transactions into your PlayKasino Account. All you need to do is sign up for a Mister Cash debit card to use this service.

Schritt-für Schritt-Anleitung

  1. Select eKonto service on the PlayKasino Deposit Page
  2. Geben Sie den Betrag ein, den Sie in Ihr PlayKasino Konto einzahlen möchten.
  3. You will be redirected to the Mister Cash payments page
  4. Enter the amount, your name, street, city and zip code and click proceed
  5. Enter your card number and authorisation code and click proceed
  6. Mister Cash authorises the payment in real-time deducting the amount directly from the your account. If there are insufficient funds available in your account,the transaction will be rejected.
  7. PlayKasino receives a real-time confirmation of the payment by your Bank
  8. Sie erhalten eine Bestätigung von PlayKasino, dass Ihre Zahlung erfolgreich war.